Friday, November 14, 2008

What it Oil Catch Tank?

What is Oil Catch Tank?

Blow-by gasses are one of the gasses that influence engine performance as miles are added to the vehicle. Theses gasses are re-circulated through Engine intake or Air cleaner for re-burn in order to prevent polluted air to escape. Although gasses are re-circulated for re-burn, not 100% of the re-circulated blow-by gasses and other particles are burned off. Portion of the gasses condensed to sludge or oil with carbon residues. Theses sludge build-up in intake pipes and intake manifold decrease efficiency of the air-intake and reduce power output. This may increase white smoke from exhaust.
Oil Catch Tank is installed in re-circulating pipe to collect unwanted sludge and carbon rich oil residues from re-entering intake.
Not only for motor sports applications, but also applications for diesel engine vehicles that is high in blow-by gas is recommended.
Moreover, if you find lots of oils in catch tank, it indicates problem in Engine.
This oil catch tank help detect the problems early stage.

For example add to JBJL engine :


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